I have done things and been to places that many people only dream about. Travel has taught me so much about life and that we should all love to live. The millions of people I’ve met have taught about the way we all think and behave. I have matured mentally and personally through the many experiences I’ve had, each and every day. I have lived a fantasy lifestyle in every respect and my Life has been Madness.

My favourite part of the worl12. Conclusiond is south East Asia, the most compelling reason why I find it so alluring is the positive treatment as a disabled person. The simplest way to explain this is that western over-education is a miseducation. The basic fact is I am disabled, in south east Asia I am not made to feel ‘different’.

I hope that after you read ‘My Mad Life’ you will get a brief mental picture of my 8 years of traveling. I need people to understand that despite being in a wheelchair, my life and anyone else’s life can improved with the freedom of travel.

My subconscious philosophy has always been : The more we experience and the greater we are  challenged – wheth enjoy the richness of life.